Workshop Descriptions

Tribal Fusion: Bollywood Elements

Building on the basis of grounded, serpentine movement learned in Tribal Fusion Style Belly Dance, we will meld the basics of Bollywood dance (Indian movie dance, aka Filmi) to lighten the step and add sass to your dance. With an emphasis on focus, intention, and connection with your audience (or yourself, in a mirror) this workshop will help bring an element of fun to your movement! You can expect lots of classic and contemporary Bollywood music, as well as basic Bhangra (Punjabi festival dance) touches. Come and learn to infuse your dance with the moxie of Bollywood, without losing your Tribal Fusion intensity!

Some bellydance experience recommended. Please bring towel and water. Bollywood and Bhangra have BOUNCE, so dress accordingly and get ready to sweat!

Lounge A Go-Go

Bongos, marimbas, and other worldly voices- tap into the chill of mid-20th century Lounge music, with this choreography workshop! You will be introduced to the strange, somewhat weird layers of instrumental (and vocal) tracks that are perfect for layering in our tribal fusion format. Emphasis on posture, facial expression, and timing are key elements in using the excitement of these lounge and exotica tracks. Choreography will be taught as short combos, and then put together with a song chosen specifically for this workshop.

Bellydance experience highly recommended. This is a fast-paced choreography class.

Calamitous Combos: Sassy Selections from Sam

Come and learn the break down of some of Calamity Sam’s typical dance combinations. Sassy, funny, and a little goofy- these combos can be used to add fun and comedic relief to your dance. Move from serpentine and slow to quick and isolated. The juxtaposition of these two elements can make a more dynamic dance- listening to the music for what it needs, we will apply these ideas and drill the elements of the Combinations.

Bellydance experience highly recommended. Isolations, as well as pops, locks, and serpentine movement will be used.

Resistance March : Combos and Choreography

Resistance March evokes a futuristic landscape of movement. Breaking down each part of the song, we will explore the numerous layers, accents, and melodic phrases. This is a choreography class with sections broken into short combinations. Belly dance experience required- we will be using lower intermediate to advanced dance elements. Some breakdown of basic moves will be given, but not drilled.

Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can move, and bring water and a yoga mat.


STRONG! Like AMAZON! (Drills workshop)

Get strong. Be the badass tribal b*$ch you are. Shimmies, layering drills, level challenges. All this and more in a workshop that will test your mind and body. Drills are essential to extend your stamina- helping you gain the tools to execute dance moves. Combining fast paced moves with the slow and sultry, we will work the legs, abdomen, arms and back to strengthen your body.

Bellydance experience required. Please bring a towel, and dress comfortably.

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