Dance Inspiration!

Here is where I will showcase videos of dancers that influence how I look at movement. These dancers run the gamut from professional tribal fusion belly dancers, to hip hop artists, to new dancers that are doing something I’ve never seen before. Watching videos of others maintains my excitement for what I do, and shows me the unlimited spectrum of dance that’s out there and waiting to be learned!!! I hope you can pull as much inspiration from these videos as I have. ENJOY! This page will update as I find more beautiful dances to post!

Martina Crowe- Her technique is impeccable, and her isolation skills blow me away. She’s always a pleasure to watch.

Rachel Brice – The musicality in this video gives me CHILLS. It is in my top FIVE favorite performances EVER.

Olivia Kissel – If you want a goddess-channeling tribal dancer, look no further.

Yeya – Ok. Here’s a whole series of videos from this hip hop dancer in Stockholm…..I’ve never “learned” hip hop dance, but I study this girl like a MF in hopes to replicate just a LITTLE of her tiny moves of technical awesomeness. When I watch this girl dance– DAAAAMMMNNNN

Mardi Love is one of the only dancers that I just GLOW watching. I get totally fan girl. I just adore her style and intricate movements!

Heather Shoopman is my best friend and first dance mentor. She will never stop surprising me, and I absolutely LOVE this performance! SPOOOKY!

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